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Download Free Keylogger is an application that monitors and records everything that happens on a given computer, including the keyboard input. This is the solution need you if you want to watch your children, for example, when they are on the computer but you can not always be behind them. Can know what they are doing on your machine and know what are the Internet sites on which they went sailing, as proposed also the convenient Perfect Keylogger.

The application collects information such as activity on the network, a "log file" from visited Web pages and activity performed on the computer. Free Keylogger also has the advantage of achieving screenshots at regular intervals, save the keyboard keys that have been typed as well as instant messages, etc.

It even has the ability to know what are the elements that have been copied (Clipboard) bonded to what destinations. Free Keylogger is easy to use and invisible to the user during the period of operation: accessible only via a configurable shortcut combination.

This free version is a limited version of the paid version, the latter with all the options.

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