Imperial Glory Free Download PC Game

 Download Imperial Glory Free PC Game. Imperial Glory-a strategy based on rules of the largest series of Total War: walk-through global management power and the battle in real time.If you have already downloaded the free Rome: Total War-Alexander, then the next game in your collection is simply obligated to become Imperial Glory.Running the game in front of you just stand choice: which State play? The five strongest States of the eighteenth century: the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Prussia and Russia. The difference between States is in military, scientific or economic opportunities.
Choose your country and go! Before you map with lots of countries, which belongs to win! Methods and ways of waging war is totally at your discretion: tactical maneuvers and unexpected Sally or hikes ahead, where you take a number and the raw power of his army. Spectacular battles will be held both on land and at sea!Your military power, the speed of scientific research and the economic stability of the wakes of the curtain of your country. Resources, in turn, supplied the provinces to capture and hold under his control. In addition, you can sell the extra resources and buy missing, but only in cases if you don't have a relationship with their neighbors.Download Imperial Glory PC Full Version.from the link below


Releasing Year: 2005
Interface language: English 
Size: 1.6 Gb

IMPERIAL GRLORY System Requirments

Processor: 1 GHz
RAM: 256MB
Video Card: 32MB

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