Avast! Antivirus Free Download

Download Avast Free antivirus Software is a protection of operating systems software to protect your computer from Internet threats.

This software offers anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit. In addition, and as most of the protection programmes, an automatic update is included, allowing Avast recognize and combat new viruses that are waiting for the first opportunity to get into your system and infect it directly.

With the new version, several features have been improved such antivirus engine and antispyware, the silent firewall, antispam, the scan at startup, Web Shield and agent Scripts.

Among the novelties, Avast! Free antivirus will protect you against theft of identity such as Facebook, protect you against piracy of your computer or your network, protect you against phishing, theft of banking information and credit card and you protect against running risky applications.

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