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Adobe Flash Player 

 Install Adobe Flash Player Free, edited by Adobe, is an essential plugin for all Internet users. Its use was more frequent in the development of Internet sites, which makes this all the more indispensable Player. As a reminder, Adobe Flash technology to create animations sophisticated thanks to simple and accessible tools via a complete interface. Simple amenities to Web pages, Flash has become over versions a full-fledged computer language with its codes and its programming classic interface. Become a standard, it is now available on almost all of the fixed and mobile platforms (with the exception of the iPhone). Most so-called very rich behavior (advanced animations and interactivity) Web sites use Flash.

More recently, Flash integrates high quality video content management but also allows to create compositions, text net pixel, add dynamic effects with filters in real-time, etc.
This version therefore includes a video codec with a good compression ratio, 8-bit alpha channel support and offers from many optimizations as well as management of the development by ActionScript 3.0. The ActionScript is a powerful Adobe Flash Player runtime environment object-oriented programming language. He shared a syntax similar to that originally used the JavaScript language which it is inspired. Based on ECMAScript, the international standardized programming language of scripts, ActionScript 3.0 improves this to offer developers a robust applicable to RIA (Rich Internet Applications) programming model. Adobe Flash Player is also a standalone multimedia player.

Finally this new version introduces the decoding of videos HD H.264 format directly by the CPU.
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